From the Principal

Since our last newsletter the world paused while people from varied backgrounds and beliefs remembered the extraordinary life of Billy Graham. Probably the most well known Christian Preacher - possibly the most well known Christian person - of the 20th Century. Billy Graham had an enormous impact on the world.

One of the striking features of Billy Graham’s ministry was his ability to cut to the chase and to break things down to the basics. Listening to Billy Graham’s messages you could not help but be struck with the simplicity of the Gospel and of the life of faith. So often he simply asked the question “If the bible is true - if Jesus is who he claims to be - what are you going to do about it?”

That simple question ripples throughout our lives and cuts through the arguments we might put up such as ‘a life of faith is a complex and complicated affair’. The real power of Billy Graham’s question is that it presses us to action - “what are you going to do”. Billy Graham was often asking for an actual response at a rally, to take the action of going forward to make a decision to acknowledge Christ as Lord.

Even though I was quite young I can remember the impact of Billy Graham on our own family when he held his meetings in Sydney. Some of our neighbours became Christians when they heard Billy Graham and suddenly we had this positive change to our street. This was also the time when my own grandfather (Ex POW of war in Changi) suddenly changed his life to become a Christian and this was a key turning point for our whole family...and leading to what I am doing today.

As I shared this with my wife Yvonne, I discovered that when she was a teenager living in Adelaide, she and her friends travelled across to Melbourne by bus to sing in the Billy Graham choir. I had no idea... the things you learn!

As a staff we have been talking with each other and with the students about the importance of acting out our faith; of turning our words and professions into actions and behaviour. This aligns in a very personal way with one of my core beliefs… i.e. we must have consistency between what we say and what we do.

My hope and my prayer is that we never fail to notice, to commend, and to celebrate the many examples we see every day in our community of people putting their faith into actions of love and care, respect, responsibility, kindness, and service and that we never stop reminding each other of how we can do those things better.

2018 Whole School Information


As a community of teachers and support staff we are keen to explore new ways of effectively communicating with you about the information you need to know and about the things we think you will find interesting about our school. Some of those initiatives include the Principal Chat Coffee morning each Wednesday. Others include our use of Facebook and other social media channels.

We are working hard to make sure that we have contact details correctly recorded for each and every family. If you think that you are not receiving communication from the school as you should, please contact us so we can check or update that information.

May we also remind you that with the strengthening of the roles of our Home Room Teachers (Primary) and Pastoral Care Teachers (Secondary) across the school that these staff members would normally be your first point of contact in regard to communication about your son or daughter. These teachers can be contacted by email using the  structure <[email protected]>.

Our teaching team is featured on the school website.


By now many of you would have seen our commercial on GWN7. Thanks to those of you who have provided encouraging comments. It is generating even more interest in our growing school.

Events coming up

Year 7 Swimming Development Program:
12th -16th March at Emu Point. Lessons from 11.10am - 12.30pm

Junior Secondary School (JSS) 7-9 Information Night:
Thursday 15th March at 6.00pm. Important evening to cover:

Canberra/Sydney trip (Years 7-8) which will be at the end of Term 3. Application forms will also be handed out.

First term Adventure camp (Years 7-8):
on 11th -13th April in Week 11 of this term. This will be held at Glen Echo campsite on the Kalgan river.

Second term Discovery camp (Year 9) in week 2 term 2 to Fremantle.

Introduction to Principal Exhibition (Year 9)

Ride to School Day:
Friday 23rd of March. Meeting at Middleton Beach at 8.00am for bike ride to school as well as lunch time ride to Emu Point for lunch.

Albany Sustainability Expo:
Saturday 24th March (10.00am - 2.00pm) at town square near library. Our student work will be on display.

Whole School Easter Celebration service:
Wednesday 28/3 at Living Water Anglican Church at 1.00pm. This is an important part of our Faith Week activities.

School Athletics Carnival:
Moved to Thursday 5th April at North Rd Little Athletics centre.

School Cross Country event:
Moved to Tuesday 10th April

Outdoor Education Expedition:
(Year 11-12) Week 1, Term 2, Wednesday 2nd May - Friday 4th May

Perth City Camp:
(Year 10 - 12): Last week in Term 2

As you can see from the above events coming up, there is a lot happening in our school and that is exciting. Most of these events provide opportunity for parent involvement as well and so please
check out the dates carefully and see if you can come and support our school in some way.

Drama Club:
Another new initiative is a proposal for a years 5-8 after school Drama Club to be held on Tuesdays 3.15pm - 4.15pm. If you are interested in this please give your names to Mr Hummerston.

Meet the Principal Coffee Chats:
I have been delighted with the four coffee mornings I have held for parents over the past weeks at the Three Anchors meeting room. The response from existing parents as well as the many new parents in our school has been very encouraging. I have enjoyed the opportunity to hear parent feedback and to “brainstorm” some new ideas for our school. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of parent goodwill in creating the right family environment for successful learning. Research has shown that when students see their parents speaking positively about teachers and the school their motivation for learning improves. That is why I believe it is important for parents to have the opportunity to meet the principal and teachers so that any questions they might have can be answered.

Lunchtime soccer:
You will notice some photos in the newsletter of our lunchtime soccer games. These games are the initiative of our senior sports captains and they need to be applauded for the great work they have been doing. Staff are also involved playing and these games also attract a lot of spectators and so it is well done all round.

Running Club:
Our running club has taken off and thanks to the parents who help with the bar-b-q breakfast. See add for this later in newsletter … but I must mention that Tim Burn’s description of the beauty of the early morning run on Facebook is getting a lot of hits. He is becoming quite a commentator.

Did you know
that one of our Year 10 students has been using her incredible writing skills to serve our local community? Sarah Vanderwal has been writing book reviews for the Albany Christian Bookshop, which are used within the store to help people to make their selections. You can check out a sample of Sarah's creative writing later in the newsletter.


Finally, a special congratulations to William and Arlen for their outstanding effort last week at the sailing championships at Walpole. After 5 races and in strong wind and choppy conditions they came out on top winning the mirror class in 1st place on handicap. They will now be going to the State championships being held over the Easter weekend. See full article below.

God Bless,

R. Malcolm Bromhead


Student Work Samples

Our Year 10 students have been writing descriptions in a similar style to Ray Bradbury's terrifying dinosaur. Here are some excellent extracts of our writer's work:

Leopard - Sarah Vanderwal

She crept toward the clearing on rough, durable, stalking paws; closer, closer. Skirting around the fringe of the clearing, she located a soaring tree, rising far above all the other vegetation. A deep, guttural growl rose from the deepest depths of her being as she reached for the canopy, extending her claws like a pocket knife, sinking them into the fibrous bark. She pulled her torso weight downwards, leaving gashes deeper than the bottomless pit. The tree groaned; she grinned a sharp toothy grin in satisfaction. She was the goddess of the jungle, the great fearless feline.

Turtles - Caitlin Hartley

They came through the calm, briny crystal blue water. Peacefully, they glided like a royal procession. One in particular was a kaleidoscope of greens, blues and browns. As the sunlight gleamed through the luminous water, its shell sparkled like it was enclosed in a blanket of precious jewels found deep within the earth's crust. Its shell was a guardian, protecting and defending it from any spiteful creatures lurking deep in the bottomless ocean.

Shark - Jesse Hollingsworth

It came peacefully, with the unusual grace of a machined killer, and with great stealth it glided through the ice water. Its tail, a ton of cold, hard, metallic steel, slowly propelling the beast through the open ocean. Its jaws, capable of swallowing a man, were fenced in knife-like teeth, and had the ability to come down with ten tons of force. The beast of a shark glided past the divers with the confidence that only the king of the ocean could display, the tall mountain of a dorsal fin slicing at the water like the bow of a ship.

Regatta Champions:

William and Arlen took part in the WALPOLE YACHT CLUB's IN THE TREES REGATTA over the past long weekend.

There were 146 boats entered of various classes from Lasers to Moths to Mirrors, which is what they competed in.

There were 17 mirrors entered from several clubs, 2 clubs from Perth, Augusta, Geraldton , Albany and Walpole, so in other words the competition was strong and very experienced.

William and Arlen have only been sailing for just over a year, having learnt to sail in January 2017.

William and Arlen, after 5 races in strong wind and choppy conditions came out on top winning the mirror class in 1st place on handicap.

Their next challenge is to compete in the State championships held here in Albany over the Easter Long weekend.

William and Arlen with their trophies and the Princess Royal Sailing Club's Commodore Chris Oldham.

Chaplain’s Chat

Shaping Little Humans- The Role of Parents

As a parent of three children, I’m always on the lookout for good articles/tips to help me along in the parenting journey.  Here is an excerpt from a great article I read on the power parents have in shaping their kids.  

If parenting is the art of shaping little humans then it’s useful to consider the tools we have at our disposal to influence children.

Modelling is perhaps the most powerful way to shape little humans. The parent-child relationship is an intimate one. Kids see our quirks and foibles first hand so it’s little wonder many children conduct relationships in similar ways to their parents including how they resolve or avoid conflict. US psychologist Martin Seligman’s research into optimism and pessimism found most children’s explanatory style closely resembles that of the parent they spend most time around. Seligman’s work suggests that adults need to be aware of how they speak about themselves and the world as the sponge-like nature of kids mean that they will soak up their optimism and/or pessimism.

Our language and behaviour on a daily basis also shape the humans that we are raising. Tell a child he’s capable; back this up by treating him as if he is capable and you’ll be sending a powerful message along the lines of: ‘I really believe you can do this’. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to the messages we give to kids.

The traits and characteristics that parents value have a massive impact on children. If, for example you value persistence you’ll push your child to go a little harder at a homework conundrum rather then allow him to give in too easily. Your values will be shown through the things you stand up for and frequently fight over with your kids.

The lifestyle you lead also helps to shape the humans that you are raising. “All work and no fun” is a lifestyle that stressed out parents present to their kids. Your lifestyle impacts on your stress levels and well-being which also impacts on your children.

Excerpted from Michael Grose “Shaping Little Humans”

Scripture Focus

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; His mercies never come to an end;
They are new every morning; Great is your faithfulness.”

Lamentations 3:22–23

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Jennifer Wingard  

School Club Info

Running Club

The Running Club is going well with good numbers of students joining us early on Tuesday mornings at 7.30am to run the course and finish off with a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast.  

Staff and students can have a sandwich lovingly cooked by our parents for a gold coin donation.

ACC Soccer Academy

Calling all individuals who have a passion for the world game! The soccer season is upon us and we would like to call upon all students, staff, parents, grandparents and the wider community to be involved with our ever-growing ACC Soccer Academy. We are looking for players, coaches and team managers and volunteers to join us. Students who are keen and have your parent’s permission kindly inform your homeroom teacher, the PE Department or Mr Wee. Interested parties kindly register at our reception by 19th March 2018.

Registration is open to all college students from pre-primary to Year 10. If you know of non-ACC students who are keen to play and do not have a team, let them know we are available for them to join. The registration fees are the lowest in Albany for all kid sports, they are as follows:

 MiniRoos (Pre-primary to Yr 1)  - $90

Mini Roos (Yr 2 - Yr 5)               - $105

Junior League Under (Yr 6 -10)    - $125

 Due to the nature of the sport where players might fall ill, be away or get injured through the course of the season, each team will require the numbers as stated below to cope:

Year at school

PP & 1










Date of Birth











2018 Season











No. of players

5 v 5

7 v 7

7 v 7

9 v 9

9 v 9

9 v 9

11 v 11

11 v 11

11 v 11

11 v 11

Max. team size











All games will be played on Saturdays and trainings will be conducted after school during weekdays. More details will be provided once teams are confirmed.

Financial assistance is provided by the WA Government with registration fees (Kidsport grant). Please ask our reception staff for more information.

All interested parties kindly register with our reception staff by 19th March. If you have any further queries, kindly speak to Mr Wee or email him at [email protected]

Knitting Club is in Full Swing

Mondays in SS1 during Lunch – Years 7-12

We are currently in need of rainbow looms

if you have one laying around that you are no longer using, please feel free to drop it by school for the knitting club to use 


Junior Knitters

Tuesdays in the Year 1 / 2 Room during Lunch-  Years 1-6

We are seeking parent/grandparent helpers during this time- if you are interested in being a junior knitting buddy, please contact the school and speak with Mrs. Wingard

Lunchtime soccer photos

Why Can’t I skip my 20 minute reading tonight?

By the end of the 6th grade Student “A” will have read the equivalent of 60 whole school days. Student “B” will have read only 12 school days. Which student would you expect to have a better vocabulary? Which student would you expect to be more successful in school… and in life? (Nagy & Herman, 1987)



Spencer Park Dental Therapy Centre provides free dental examinations, oral care advice, preventative, restorative and emergency treatment for children from pre-primary to Year 11. The clinic is staffed by Kayleen (Dental Nurse), Susanne (Dental Therapist), Jaqui (Dental Nurse) and Michelle (Dental Therapist).

Enrolment forms will soon be issued to your child if he/she has recently changed schools or enrolled in Pre-Primary, please make sure these forms are returned before the end of term 1 if you wish to use our service.

Parents of enrolled students are reminded to contact the centre to update your details if you have moved in the last few years. All appointments are posted home and many of these are returned to us due to incorrect addresses, this means that your child misses out on their dental visit. If you no longer intend to use our service please let us know as soon as possible as your valuable appointment could be taken up by someone else. You can call us on 98413967, drop in or send us an email to [email protected].

To keep your child’s teeth healthy during this important stage of growth we recommend brushing twice a day, parents should always assist with one daily brush and use adult strength toothpaste providing children are spitting it out. Teeth should be brushed for a minimum of two minutes and children are encouraged NOT to rinse after brushing.

We hope to see you all in here soon.

As the sun goes down on a still autumn evening ACWE will transform the grand amphitheatre at ASHS into a fairyland of lights for a delightful evening of light classics. Never before has a public performance of this kind taken place in this magnificent setting with its pillars and stunning architecture.

The evening will be punctuated with countless highlights including “Lord of the Dance”, “Dance of the Hours”, “Light Cavalry Overture” and “Auld Lang Syne”. Vocal group About FACE will bring their own special flavour to the evening with a jaunty sea shanty and some high-speed traditional Gaelic mouth music.

Sue Findlay will host with her trademark warm and often humorous style, while complimentary hot drinks and treats will be served to the audience

throughout the evening. This is an experience that your whole

family will love.

Don’t miss this first for Albany

Tickets @ Frangipani Florist, the door and online

$28 standard $15 child incl. Refreshments