From the Principal


This has been an exciting term for our school with many initiatives being introduced and opportunities for our students to engage in their learning. I want to thank our staff for their generosity in the way they have gone the “second mile” to ensure that our students receive quality teaching. From the phone calls and feedback I have been receiving, I am delighted that our school is now developing a reputation for being a caring school but is also serious about learning. We have a number of new students starting after Easter and more students starting next term and so this is a positive sign for our school and is a credit to the warm welcome parents extend to new families.

Student initiatives:

I have been encouraged this term by the range of teacher/student initiatives. The lunch time soccer competition led by senior students, the Year 7-8 camp and the Year 9 camp next term have all been expressions of student involvement. You will also notice later in this newsletter an article on the proposed 2018 High School Yearbook which will be organised by a committee of our students and led by Miss Dragan. This will be a great adventure for many of our students.

National Ride to School Day:

What a privilege to lead off 30 of our students who braved the rain to ride to school from Middleton Beach last Friday. With all the drizzle I wasn’t sure how many would turn up and so I was thrilled with the roll up. Our lunch time ride to Emu Point was also excellent with 50 bikes making this trip. Thanks to the parents who volunteered to have cooked sausages ready for when we arrived.

Albany Sustainability Expo:

Last Saturday’s Expo beside our library was another important occasion for our school. Our primary student weed eradication program was a feature in the main marquee as well as our permaculture training with the Living Water Anglican Church’s Good Life Community Gardens. Sam Miles with other students and under the guidance of Ms Dragan, have produced an excellent video of some of the key features of permaculture. We are hoping to have this up on our website soon.

Canberra/Sydney trip:

Reminder re Year 7-8 students to return their application form for the Canberra/Sydney trip for later in the year. We have to confirm our bookings next week.

School Athletics Carnival:

Don’t forget that our athletics carnival will be held on Thursday 5th April. This will be an all school carnival including primary and secondary students. Mr Burns and Mrs Pitman will be circulating more details but make sure that you put the date aside to come. If you can assist as a volunteer please let the office know.

School Cross Country Carnival:

The following week on Tuesday 10th April will be our school Cross Country Carnival. Again if you can assist as a volunteer please let the office know.

Parent/Teacher interview nights:

These important meetings will be held on Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th April after school. Please see notice in this newsletter with all the details for booking online.

Anzac Day March on 25th April:

As you would be aware, this event will be held in the second week of the holidays this year. If you haven’t gone away on holidays I would urge you to attend as this is such an important community event and one which I am pleased that our school supports. More details will be provided for the exact location for lining up but our students will be expected to be in their winter uniforms.

Easter reflection

It is the great tragedy of the human heart that in one moment we can praise God and in the next wish him dead – and this is precisely what happened with Jesus. In the week before Easter the  crowds praised him – but by Friday they were shouting crucify him!

And herein lies the great miracle of the gospel and the love of God. God was indeed saving people – the son of David did come to save – but the salvation he brought was not what the people were expecting. They were looking for a heroic king who would liberate them from Rome, what they got was a humble king who would liberate them from a far more dangerous foe – sin.

The fickleness of the human heart, broken and sick with sin, was at its worst in the death of Jesus and yet the love of God was at its greatest – while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

And in the all of the events of this Easter week, including our Easter Celebration service, my prayer is that we will see again the great love of God reconciling the world to himself. That is why this time of the year is so special as people from all around the world celebrate God’s great gift to us all.

R. Malcolm Bromhead

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Please go to the link below to book your time with a teacher.  If you have the same teachers for more than one subject, you do not need to book multiple appointments.

Your login is your surname and your password is your family code.  If you can not remember your family code then you can request your password to be sent to you.  

I am happy to help if you are having any difficulties, so feel free to give me a call.

Barbara Gill

Let’s Keep our Students Looking Sensational!

All students are expected to wear the Australian Christian College uniform correctly throughout their years at the College.

The school uniform is a visible representation of the standards expected of students at ACC and plays an important role in reinforcing a positive culture within the school.

It also creates a sense of identity and pride among the students and wider school community, and helps students learn the importance of appropriate presentation.

Remember that next term we are changing to winter uniform. Have you got everything ready for this?


This week was a special time in the life of our school.  We held our annual Faith Week entitled, “Picture This”- the Easter story as told through art, projects, and words.  What a wonderful time for our students to experience faith and the Easter Story.

Each pastoral care class started the day with Easter devotions/reflections. The staff also had opportunity to journey through Easter reflections each day.  Students participated in various art projects and we walked through the Art Room to look at the displays and discuss the themes.  

Finally, we had our annual Easter Celebration Service—it was truly a celebration, as we enjoyed slideshows, musical selections, scripture readings, prayer and time together as a school community to focus on the true meaning of Easter.  

As we go into this Easter Weekend I wish you and your family God’s richest blessings as we look to the free gift of salvation given in His Son Jesus.

See the link below to see some of our students and their  Easter activities this week.

Jennifer Wingard
Chaplain ACC


As our school is a Bring Your Own Device learning community, it is essential for every student to have a device that would allow them to access their learning program and resources.

The teaching staff have found that a number of students have yet to bring a device of their own. This will significantly impair those student’s ability to complete the work and activities that have been planned and prepared for them to maximise their learning.

Can I ask that if you are yet to make arrangements for your child to have a device that they can bring to and use at school that you make that a priority.

If you would like advice about the type of device that would be best, please don’t hesitate to to contact reception and we will do all we can to guide you. If you have any other concerns about meeting this requirement, please make arrangements to come and talk with us.

Hot Lunch Wednesdays

Don't forget to order your lunch by 9am Tuesday morning (3 April) for our first week of Hot Lunch Wednesdays. In following weeks orders will need to be in by 9am Mondays).  A copy of the order form has been emailed to all families, however we will have some copies in the office if needed, along with the menu.

Payments must come in with the order.

Example of Menu selection:




Beef Rib

$9 serve

With house made Wilson’s Lost Sailor smoky BBQ sauce (GF) or,

Chef’s special spicy Sichuan Sauce

Bathgate Farm Spud Chunks

$6.50 serve GF sm

$11.00 large

Roasted until crisp with Plantagenet Meat bacon, Dellendale Shadforth Tilsit cheese and topped over with Over the Moon Organics Greek Yogurt.


$6.50 ea

Handmade steamed bun stuffed with Hokkien style braised pork, refreshed with crisp cucumber and fresh local coriander

Steamed Bun

$5.00 ea

Steamed Dumplings

4 pieces - $6.00

8 pieces - $10.00

Mel’s Chicken Bites

$8.50 serve

Fine selected Mt Barker chicken thigh fillet, marinated overnight, then coated with corn flour and deep fried until crispy with choice of sauce. (GF optional)

Mr Wong’s Meatball

$7.00 serve

6 meatballs per serve (beef or pork)

Korean Fried chicken

$16.00 serve

(6 pieces)

Mt Barker chicken pieces with corn flour and fried till crispy  with sticky spicy Korean sauce.

N.B. Upgrades with a rice and vegetable pack for $5.00

2018 Soccer Registrations

Thank you for the keen enthusiasm and patience in registering your child for soccer. The registration is good to go, click here for the website to register your child. Our club name is, 'ACC Southlands'.

The payment for your child is as follows:

Mini Roos (Pre-primary to Yr 1)     - $90

Mini Roos (Yr 2 - Yr 5)               - $105

Junior League Under (Yr 6 -10)     - $125

Kindly do so by next Wednesday, 4th April. If you have any further queries kindly contact Barbara Gill, [email protected] More information to come regarding soccer training, stay tuned!

2018 Year Book

An exciting new student-led initiative is emerging at Australian Christian College over the next few weeks.

A selective group of successful applicants will become ACC's 2018 high school yearbook committee. The committee aims to create a nostalgic keepsake of ACC's growth over the coming year.

Stay tuned for more information!

Hints on anxiety

It’s normal for students to feel worried, particularly when encountering new situations and experiences. However, if you notice that anxiety stops your child from participating in activities or social events, or that his or her fears and worries seem out of proportion to the situation, they may benefit from some extra support.

One of the best things you can do for your child is help them to manage their anxiety.

You might try some of the following with him or her:

  • Encouraging participation in physical activity. This can help to burn off anxious physiology (i.e. the ‘fight/flight response’).
  • Engaging in long exhale breaths which empty the lungs. This can help to calm anxious physiology (i.e. the ‘fight/flight response’) by slowing the heart rate, which then makes it easier to think clearly.
  • Using mindfulness and the five senses to focus on environment (notice five things you can hear, see, feel, smell and/ or taste), rather than anxious physiology and thoughts. This can help to break the cycle of anxious thoughts and reduce the severity of anxious physiology.
  • Setting aside a ‘worry time’ each day (that isn’t too close to bedtime), to draw or write down worries. This can help to ‘get the worries out’, and can limit the amount of time spent on worrying.
  • Challenging anxious thoughts (including reminding of past coping, highlighting facts or evidence, or planning future coping with difficulties). This can help to manage ‘what if’ and ‘catastrophic’ thinking.
  • Facing fears, when it is safe to do so. This can help to manage the avoidance associated with anxiety, and also garners concrete evidence in order to challenge anxious thoughts.

Written by the Knox College Psychology Team (Knox Wellbeing Centre)

Distance Education

First of all I would like to congratulate Mr Sokolowski, our Learning Support Coordinator, on the arrival of his second little daughter. Dear little Isabelle arrived, on time, as all the learning support funding submissions had just been submitted! Mum and bub are doing well and her older brother and sister are delighted with her arrival. Praise God for her safe arrival.

As we prepare the Interim Reports I am delighted to see all the work covered by our students this term. Learning online is a symbiotic partnership with teachers and parent supervisors working closely together. As teachers we provide the syllabus and learning activities. We do the marking and make sure we are compliant with the Schools Authority, but we really depend on the student’s parents or supervisor for the day to day learning environment.

Parents need to ensure that their children are engaged and up to date and at times, attempt to help interpret the course material! This is vital to the success of our DE program and ACC staff want to ensure that communication is open and timely with both parents and students.

Teleconferences are a vital part of our DE program because this gives us the opportunity to meet and get to know your children. While some students are taking advantages of this service we provide, there are some students who for variety of reasons have not been regular attendees. We wish to encourage all students to participate in all the Teleconferences provided.

We are really pleased with the high level of academic performance in DE.  Mrs Myhill is particularly impressed with the quality of work submitted by the Year 12 English students.

DE Events

We have a few events coming up, which I would like to bring to your attention.

The Canberra Trip for Years 7 & 8

This is a fantastic opportunity for our DE students in Years 7 & 8 to be included with our on campus students. This trip is more than just an educational experience, as each student who went on it two years ago testified to how they matured within themselves.

We need to have numbers for the trip by next week, so please contact Barbara Gill, should you be interested in sending your child.

Kings Park Workshop and Get Together, Perth

When: 5th April

Cost: $10 for Workshop/student

Venue: Naturescape in Kings Park, off May Drive.

Registration: 11:00 - 11:30 am

Workshop: 11:45 - 1pm

Lunch: 1pm

Fun in Naturescape: 1pm - home time

The number of students registering for this event are already beyond our expectation. This is great and it is going to be wonderful meeting up with “online” school friends and enjoying the Naturescape grounds.

The Orienteering Workshop with also provide a great education experience. Please bring a digital compass if you can. Usually iPhones have them as a standard app on the phone.

ACC Southlands’ Athletics Carnival, Albany

When: Thursday 5th April

Time: Arrive by 9:00am the first event is scheduled at 9:30 Finish at 2:00pm

Where: Albany Little Athletics Centre, Corner of North and Sanford Roads

Bring: Students are encouraged to wear their team colours, bring weather appropriate clothing (a hat, or a raincoat) plenty to drink and a packed lunch.

Team lists and a program of events will be e-mailed in the coming days. Please email your participation to Mr Tim Burns: [email protected]

Students who cannot make this event but would still like to try out for the Inter Schools Athletics Carnival held in Perth later this year, please email Mr Tim Burns your official time recorded, either through your Athletics Club or via video showing times run. Contact Mr  Burns on: [email protected], thank you.


Congratulations go to Ella Caughey for coming in 3rd place in the Youth Art Exhibition at the Kalgoorlie Fair, with this fantastic painting:

Congratulations also go to Bethany Godfrey and her Basketball Team who were the Runners-Up, (by one point!) in the Northam Basketball Association League.

Well done, girls!

I will take this opportunity to wish all our DE families a safe and memorable Easter. We all celebrate this occasion in different ways and I pray your family draws close together as you celebrate together.

God bless

Terry Phipson