From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 2 and I trust that you are all looking forward to the opportunities and challenges of this term. A special welcome also to all the new families who have joined us here on campus in Albany and also to our Distance Education students and families right across Western Australia.

The holiday break is often a good time to catch up with family and this week I have enjoyed listening to the many stories from our staff as they shared some of these precious moments. Having one of my sons and his family over from Sydney was also very special for us as we were able to spend time with two of our grandsons aged six and four years. I think that I have nearly converted them to the Great Southern area as they just loved the full Albany experience. They especially loved our bike paths and stunningly clear water at our beaches. Again, it was another reminder about what a beautiful part of the world we live in and for us not to take it for granted.

Year 7-8 Camp:

A special thank you to Michelle Dragan, Andrew Sephton, Marilyn Myhill, Russell Hunt and Daniel Pitman who shared in caring for our Year 7-8s on their camp during the last week of term. The video highlight package I have seen captures the enthusiasm, creativity and fun at this camp and speaks well of the quality of our students. You could feel the buzz in the room when they returned back to school and so I want to congratulate all those who were involved. If you have any feedback on how we can further improve our camping program please let me know.

Anzac Day:

Thank you to all those students and parents who were able to make the Anzac March last week. I am always impressed with the planning and organisation those goes into this day but I feel that this year the bar was raised even higher. It was wonderful to have our Premier as the guest speaker and having the fly over on three occasions (and timed to perfection) was also quite special.

School Vision and Celebration Night:

Schools often talk about working with parents but life can get so busy this can easily be overlooked. That is why we are putting on a special night for our parents next Tuesday night (8th May) at 6.00pm. I have a special announcement to make which will help shape our future and we will also be hearing from a number of staff on how our vision is being worked out across the school. Please lock this into your calendar as a night not to be missed.

Visit to our school by Dr Laura Perry from Murdoch University:

This Friday we will be having Dr Laura Perry visiting our school. As I advised last year, we have partnered with Murdoch university to be a research school for educational best practice. Eight of our staff have formed a learning hub and we are all undertaking either a Masters degree or a Doctor of Education via research. Dr Perry is so thrilled with this initiative that she is coming down from Perth to personally meet with staff one on one.

Events coming up

Week 1    

Year 11-12 Outdoor Education expedition: The expedition, led by Michael Poole, will be held near Walpole and will be from Wednesday 2/5 to Friday 4/5.

Taekwondo classes to be held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 3.15pm : Registration and sign up will be week 1 and classes will commence in Week 2

Week 2    

School Vision and Celebration Night: Will be held on Tuesday 8/5 at 6.00pm - 7.15pm. Come and hear the Principal and staff share about what has been happening at our school and some of the exciting plans for our future.

Week 2    

Year 9 Discovery Camp to Fremantle and Perth: Wednesday 9th May to Friday 11th May. This camp is being led by Mrs Jade Baker and Mr Andrew Sephton with Mr Damon Sokolowski assisting.

Week 3    

Externally Set Tasks (EST) for Year 12 General students: Our Distance Education and On Campus students will be sitting for their ESTs on the 12th May.

Naplan: Our Naplan tests will cover all students in Years 3,5,7 and 9 for on campus and Distance Education students.

Year 7-8 Canberra/Sydney trip:

Leaving Sunday 16/9 and returning Saturday 22/9. Application forms now due so that flight bookings can be confirmed.


I referred earlier to my love of Albany and how beautiful it was and yet, I meet so many people who take this for granted. It is possible to have some of the best scenery in the world right around us and still we can miss seeing it. This reminds me of many of the sayings of Jesus when he talked of people who “see, but don’t see” (Mark 4:12). Even when Jesus was right there among them, so many of them missed the point. Michael W Smith wrote some beautiful songs and one of my favourites was, “Open the eyes of my heart Lord”. May we be always willing to see with the eyes of faith and with the heart of love.

R. Malcolm Bromhead

School Club Info

ACC Soccer Academy

Your child's first soccer match of the season will kick-off this Saturday, below are key details for you to take note of.


Your child is required to be registered before they can play any games. Payment of their registration fees can be made at a later date. There are still a number of players who have not registered. Attached is the list of students and the respective teams they are in.

Click here for the registration portal, the name of our club is, 'ACC Southlands'.

If your child's name is on the list but has decided to not play anymore, kindly inform Mr Wee at [email protected].

If your child's name does not appear on the list and would like to play for the school, kindly contact Mr Wee.

If you have any further queries kindly contact Barbara Gill at [email protected]


All trainings will be held on Thursdays, the times are as follows:

U7s - 3:15 - 4:00pm

U8s - 3:15 - 4:15pm

U9s - 3:15 - 4:15pm

U12s - 3:15 - 4:30pm

All players are to be in their sports attire at all times (i.e. shorts and shirt, home clothes is accepted).

Soccer shirts

Shirts will be handed out in school during your child's physical education lessons. All players are required to purchase their own shin pads, soccer boots and long socks (dark blue or black).

There are soccer boots that have been donated and there are shin pads that can be loaned out to students. Kindly inform the office if you would like to loan out a pair of shin pads.


For map click here. Your child will play on the corresponding pitch as listed in their respective team fixtures. Click Here


For fixtures click here.