From the Principal

What an incredible start to term two. Not only has the weather been magic for this time of the year but I have been most impressed with the learning and activities the students have been involved in. These have included:

  • Our senior students completing a three day Outdoor Education expedition near Walpole. Even the rain on the first night did not deter them.
  • Our Parent Vision Night and Celebration held last week where eight of our staff spoke briefly. They were all inspirational. Click here for the full text of Principal’s Vision Night talk.
  • Our year 9 students pioneered our first year 9 only camp to Fremantle and they all seemed to have loved it. Their feedback is that this camp was so good it should be held each year and over five days.
  • Our primary school holding an excellent assembly with over fifty parents attending.
  • This week our students in years 3,5,7 and 9 were involved in NAPLAN testing.
  • Our high school cross country team competed at the regionals. Congratulations to all competitors. Mr Burns said he was most impressed with the improvement in all our students and so the Running Club is showing good results.

The biggest news of all for this term and what was shared at the Vision Night is that we have been able to finally purchase the property from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We did have  a long term lease but they have agreed to sell the property and the papers have been signed. Isn’t that wonderful? We have a lot to thank God for don’t we?

Our Board, alongside our parent organisation CEM have been in negotiation for over two years to buy this property. Purchasing a property like this is never easy but that has now all been resolved. I would like to publicly thank CEM and our Board for their tireless work in securing this sale. This now opens up the possibilities for our school to expand and commence our building program.

Absences from school

Much recent research has shown the link between student achievement and student attendance at school. That is why the Department of Education Services has made such a big issue in checking up on student attendance at schools, in both our Day School and in our Distance Education. Their general requirement is that every absence must be covered by a written parent explanation. It is deemed to be serious if a student misses more than five days in a term. I am therefore asking all parents to assist by making every effort to ensure that their child attends school every day. This is more than just a legal requirement but a vitally important way for you to assist in your child’s learning. Please also note that if there are special circumstances requiring a future absence from school, the government requires parents to seek permission from the school before this time.


Tell your story humbly

The following thoughts come from Nicky Gumbel’s Bible in One Year app. It is worth looking up.

Real love is often hard, inconvenient and costly; but true happiness only comes to those who care about others at some cost to themselves.

The book of Ruth is a story of two widows and a farmer in a remote village. It is a wonderful contrast to the previous book of Judges. While Judges recounts a catalogue of evil and upheaval because ‘everyone did as they saw fit’ (Judges 21:25), the book of Ruth is a wonderful story of loyalty, faithfulness and kindness – all the more impressive for taking place in this period of strife. Furthermore, while Judges looks at the big picture of the nation of Israel during this period, the book of Ruth is focused on a specific family.

It is a reminder to us that the God of the universe and of history is also the God of all the little details in your life. He is not just almighty and powerful, but he is also your Father who is intimately concerned with you. Your life and all the details matter to God. Your life counts.

The book of Ruth reminds us of God’s care, provision and faithfulness in the little pieces of our life.


Lord, thank you for the example of loyalty, kindness and faithfulness. Help me to be like that. Help us as a community to be a people known for our loyalty, kindness and faithfulness.


A reminder that student should be in their Winter uniform for Terms 2 and 3.  Long pants are now back in stock for ordering.

Craft Club

This term we have moved from a Knitting Club to a Craft Club.  At the moment students are learning Origami.  The Craft Cub is being held in SS1 during Wednesday lunch times.Thank you to Mrs Szkudlarski for her time given to teach the students (and some eager staff) this wonderful craft.

Soccer Season

Soccer is well and truly underway for this season. Players must be registered before they can play.  

A reminder that those parent who have applied for the Kidsport Funding to send their approvals through to the school so that we can claim the registration fee back.