From the Principal

Whilst everyone has enjoyed a public holiday this week I was in Sydney for a leader’s conference with our other Australian Christian College principals from all around Australia. There are now nine schools in our group and it is a wonderful privilege to be able to meet and share with them our educational journeys. I thank God continually for their help and encouragement to our school here in Albany.

ACC Mission trips and Study Tours:

One of the key issues we discussed during the conference was an expanded vision for our mission and study tours so that our students can have more options. I will be able to provide more information about this in the future but it is now confirmed that our school will be leading the Asian Study Tour which will be held in 2020 and every two years after that. This is great news of us.

Senior School trip to Perth:

This week we have our senior school students in Perth as they spend time visiting a number of universities and other sites for learning. This is all part of our strategy to equip them for their future and help build their confidence as they consider the huge range of post school options. We will have more feedback on this trip in the next newsletter.

Distance Education Update:

The section on Distance Education in this newsletter is very encouraging and so make sure that you to read it. I am particularly impressed with the outstanding achievements of some of our students. Read more about our students who are

  • Involved in ballet performance in Russia,
  • Skating in Disney on Ice at the Perth Arena this month,
  • Finalist in the Write4Fun contest
  • Performing with the Royal Academy of Dance.

Semester One reports

Our semester one reports are planned to go home during the last week of term. Near the end of term, on campus parents will then be able to book in for teacher/parent interviews which will be held in week two of term three.

Year 11 and 12 half yearly exams

Last week our year 11 and 12 students sat for their half yearly exams. After they come back from their Perth trip they will then commence on their semester two studies. This is an important time for senior students and so I would encourage all of our parents to keep on praying for each one of them.

Primary Music Festival:

Our school has again entered the Primary Music Festival which will be held at the Entertainment Centre on 6/9/18. Jot this date down so you can book in to see them. It is always a great night of entertainment.


Last week I met with the Principals from out local area at the University of Western Australia. This is a regular meeting to discuss ways we can collaborate and assist students with their post school options. I was interested in the opening remarks by Jennifer O'Neill who is the Director of UWA. She spoke about the disadvantages of students from rural WA and one of the key disadvantages she raised was that of a culture of low aspirations for our students. One of the other principals stated that one of the reasons for this culture of low aspirations was the attitude of many of the parents who were not encouraging of their students.

As I reflected on these remarks I was thankful for the support and encouragement of the parents in our school who do not have a negative attitude towards post school education. However this discussion did remind me of the importance of developing in our students a good work ethic and this must start in primary school.

This does touch on a wider perspective and why we take seriously the challenge of discovering the importance of “Faith, Hope and Love”. Dorothy L Sayers once defined “sloth” as the “sin which believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, loves nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and only remains alive because there is nothing to die for.” Timothy Keller remarked, “to remedy sloth, look to ‘Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God’. (Hebrews 12:2) He endured crushing burdens with joy, because he loved us enough to save us. Now love him enough to do the work before you.” (from The Way of Wisdom by Timothy Keller)

R. Malcolm Bromhead

Craft Club

This term we have moved from a Knitting Club to a Craft Club.At the moment students are learning Origami.The Craft Cub is being held in SS1 during Wednesday lunch times.Thank you to Mrs Szkudlarski for her time given to teach the students (and some eager staff) this wonderful craft.

Soccer Season

A reminder that those parent who have applied for the Kidsport Funding to send their approvals through to the school so that we can claim the registration fee back.


We are now coming to the end of assessments in most of the subject courses. I appreciateensuring each child completes everything so that the results can be in on time for reports. It is times like these that your child/children really need you as the Supervisor to check in each of their subject courses, that all has been submitted. This is where the triad relationship of Student, Parent and Teacher come together to help achieve success. Thank you for your invaluable support.


NAPLAN is now over, much to everyone’s relief. Thank you to all who participated and for ensuring the papers were mailed so they could be marked. Next year, I believe, an online version will be available and that will makes things so much easier.

End of Term Excursion

Scitech Excursion organised in Perth at the Scitech building on Friday 29th June is still open for anyone able to join us. Parents or carers come free, students and siblings cost $9.00. Please register your family on this link below if you have not already done so. We are able to accommodate as many DE students as are able to attend. At this stage we have 46 students and siblings attending and we still have room for more! Please let us know as soon as possible, thank you.

Relief Teachers

Many of our DE families may not be aware that DE students do not receive equitable Federal Funding compared to what is received for students on campus. This does disadvantage us by not being able to employ the same ratio of teachers to students that is expected on campus. One way to mitigate this would be to raise school fees so that equality is reached but would make DE unaffordable for many families. One way, which we have chosen to alleviate high school fees, is to enlist the help of a child’s Supervisor. Essentially they are a teacher’s assistant, to be the extra set of hands on the ground and to be there to guide each child as much as possible.

Even so, with the growing need of DE, our enrolments have grown and the number of submissions needed to be marked likewise have tripled. We are now in the process of training up DE Relief Teachers to help with the numerous items needing marking. At all times the subject teachers allocated to your child’s course still the teacher in charge and the one you contact with any query. We are delighted with the wonderful people who have stepped into the DE relief teaching roles and hope that in the future they will become part of the DE Teaching Team.

Please keep praying for a change in the status of the Federal Funding for our DE students. We have people continually lobbying on our behalf in parliament, which is so encouraging.

PAT ACER Testing

Australian Christian College Southlands has the exciting opportunity to participate in trialling new online PAT Thinking test material for years 5 to 10.

The development of thinking skills is one of the most commonly identified aims of education at all levels. It is widely recognised that learning how to think underpins learning how to learn.

ACER has developed new test material aimed to assist in the development and assessment of thinking and reasoning skills, and we need your help and participation in trialling this new content. We envisage that the new test material will become part of ACER’s PAT Progressive Achievement suite.

These tests have been set for all students in Year 5 - 10 a couple of weeks ago. If you have received them, they will be in the regular login. When assessment have been completed and life is a little less hectic, I would appreciate you asking your child/children to give these tests a go. They are available to the 6 July.

God bless



I think all our DE students lead interesting lives, some we hear about and that is what I would like to share with you.

  • Ayesha Lucido has been travelling to St Petersburg, Russia, with her ballet teachers and has been practising for an important Ballet Competition whilst in Russia.
  • Kayla Lowe entered the Write4Fun Competition, posted in Takumuna-Southlands and is now a finalist in her age-group. We look forward to the final results with anticipation.
  • Kaylee Walton: Kaylee featured in the local paper too. Please find attached a couple of photos of the WAISA Coaches Seminar with Canadian Coach Brian Orser that Kaylee was asked to attend as an athlete demonstrator for the last two days. It was an amazing experience for Kaylee to learn from such a fabulous coach who coaches Olympic and World Champions!

Hot off the Press: quote from Kaylee’s Mum, “Kaylee has been selected to skate in a Preshow at Disney On Ice next week! The training for this is very intensive as they are flying in a choreographer to work with the skaters throughout next week and the performance at Perth Arena is on Saturday 16th June.”

  • Michaela Ladbrook performed a Solo dance at the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) festival in Fremantle. Quote from Michaela’s Mum, “Michaela was super blessed at her first Classical Solo at the RAD Festival. There are about 400 dancers from across Perth who participate in the Festival. She felt peaceful and really enjoyed the experience. She was not able to complete her solo on pointe due to injury but was still able to dance which was amazing”.

Eliza Bliss, Year 6, created an excellent digital piece for The Arts

 Warrior Girl