From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Even though, as I write this, we only have one more week of school left, it seems like there is non-stop action across the school. This week is book week with all its varied activities. This included Tuesday’s lounge day for the younger students (pjs, book and Teddy), book folding and recital by JD; Wednesday’s book swap, Friday with students bringing in books to donate in return for an ice-cream (Year 9 student suggestion) and the big Parade on Friday commencing at 9am.

This Sunday thirty two of us are leaving for Perth so that we can fly out on Monday morning for our Sydney/Canberra trip. This trip is a great opportunity for our students as they immerse themselves in their Civics and Citizenship course as well as vital Science and Art excursions. The addition of the Sydney leg, which includes students walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, catching the train to Wynyard and also the ferry to Manly, will certainly be a highlight. Please be in prayer for all our young students that this may prove to be a most enriching experience for all of them.

New Learning Management System: Last week I was asked to go to Sydney to join all our ACC principals for the announcement and explanation of moving to a new Learning Management System (LMS). Our overarching body Christian Education Ministries (CEM) has done a great job in being able to source such a great new product which will replace our ageing Schoology system at the start of next year. The current Schoology LMS has served our schools well but our desire is to have a more flexible and higher capacity system, one which can give students a more satisfying experience in their learning, has meant that the time is now right for us to ‘step up’ as an organisation. I am confident that our new LMS will greatly enhance our teaching for both our on campus students as well as our distance education students.

Whilst I was in NSW I also visited our Marsden Park school and was able to see some of the new ideas they are putting into practice. Having a network of ACC schools across Australia brings with it many advantages for which I am most thankful. On Monday of this week David Fyfe who is our CEO of CEM and Jeremy Kwok flew across to speak to our staff and to personally thank them for the wonderful work they are doing. They also announced a further upgrading of our bandwidth and were able to demonstrate the new LMS to our staff.

Whilst I was in Sydney last week I unfortunately missed our students performing at the Albany Entertainment Centre. They were part of the Albany wide Primary Music Festival and the reports back from parents and staff have been most enthusiastic.

This week Michael Poole also went to Sydney to undergo training for our new timetable software package which will link up with our new Sentral student information system. I spoke to him today and he said that he really enjoyed the trip and established some good networks. As our school continues to grow it is important that we keep abreast of the latest technologies which can enhance our ability to be a leader in today’s world.

Next week Rachel Power is going to China as part of an AISWA school leaders program. As well as seeing some of the key sites of China, she will be visiting schools and speaking at a conference with over 600 delegates. This will be a wonderful time for Rachel and an excellent boost to the Mandarin program at our school and I am sure Rachel will value your prayers.

I must also congratulate our year 9 and 10 students and staff who have been involved in helping to create the Good Life Community Gardens at Living Water Anglican Church. The official opening by the mayor last Sunday was a wonderful occasion. If anyone would like to know more about these gardens or you would like to hire your own garden bed for $20 a year, there is always someone there on Monday afternoons who can talk to you. This is a wonderful new community asset for Albany.

Right now I am in the middle of preparing budgets etc for next year and that includes determining our staffing needs which are continuing to grow. I am also in the final stages of shaping our new executive structure for our school and so should be able to announce these changes early next term. This is an exciting time for our school and so, as we draw to the end of this term, my prayer is that we will all continue “to look to Him” to be our guide and strength.

R.Malcolm Bromhead

Book Week Parade

Distance Education

Holidays are one week away! Students have really worked hard this term and are looking forward to a well earned break.

The Distance Education students going to Canberra on Monday with the school are packing their bags and their excitement is rising. We wish them all the very best and know that this will be a marvelous opportunity to learn, grow and have fun. Please keep the whole group in your prayers for a blessed trip.


The DE STEM Day will be held Monday 17th September, at the North Beach Baptist Church in Perth. We now have close to 50 students registered for our STEM Day which is another exciting event to look forward to. The program will have a split session with one set of students in Scitech workshops while the other group enjoy a Round Robin of hands-on Maths activities. The teachers attending on the day are looking forward to meeting up with students and parents. We will post photos up on Takumuna at the end of the day.


Changes to taking attendance commenced on Monday, 27 August in conjunction with our change of Data Management System from Quickschools to a new system called “Sentral”.The transition is going well and we have appreciated the prompt notifications coming in from parents about their child’s absenteeism. Please be mindful, however, of the requirement for you to respond to emails from ACC in regards to questions on attendance should you receive one. We appreciate your ongoing support in this matter.

Reminder that all absentee notifications should be directed to the school email:

[email protected]


Primary courses Year 3 - 6 will have their folders open during the holiday period to allow those with extensions to complete their work.

Years 1 & 2 and Years 7 - 10 will have their folders closed during the middle of the holiday to allow teachers to complete the marking of work. All Term 3 folders will be opened again during Term 4 for students to be able to see their final marks and Term 3 Schoology Reports can be printed off. Term 4 folders will be available on Monday, 8 October.


Textbooks have been sent out this week. If you have not received your child’s package by the end of Week One of the holidays, please let us know so we can follow up for you. Please bear in mind if you are not home when the courier delivers your books they will leave a notice explaining how to collect them.


I have the privilege to speak at a Quairading Shire meeting next week via Teleconference promoting our online learning program to the wider community. For me this is an unique opportunity, which I hope goes well, so that it can be duplicated in other communities in WA. We would love for our program to be available to more students all over WA.


Term 4 Starts on Monday, 8 October. We are looking forward to you all coming back refreshed and ready to complete the year with your best efforts.


Please save the date: Friday 30 November 2pm. Venue to be announced but it will be in the Perth Metro area.


We are delighted to congratulate Chelsea Hughes for her outstanding results in all her entries in the Northam Agricultural Show. Her entries in the poultry section impressed me the most, being a former poultry farmer, as she earned the Best Junior Champion Encouragement Award for her 4 Firsts and 2 Seconds in the Poultry section. Well done, Chelsea. See photos on Takumuna - Southlands.

Congratulations to Harrison Woodcock who is appearing in the production of“Dracula” which is being staged in Quairading with a professional crew. The production was staged this week and he was interviewed by the ABC Radio about his ballet success.

We wish Georgia O’Meara all the very best as she attends the National Interschool Equestrian Championships in Melbourne this coming week.

May I take this opportunity to thank all our parents, guardians and supervisors for their sustained assistance and support of their children through this school term. May you enjoy a well earned break too.

God bless

Mrs Terry Phipson

"Now, this is the goal: to live in harmony with one another and demonstrate affectionate love, sympathy, and kindness toward other believers. Let humility describe who you are as you dearly love one another."
1 Peter 3:8

Operation Christmas Child

Australian Christian College has an opportunity to continue our partnership with Samaritans Purse and the hands on mission, Operation Christmas Child. This mission demonstrates God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world and shares the Good News of Jesus. Our Year 11 students are already involved in a mission trip with Samaritans Purse where they will participate in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox distributions.

Through Operation Christmas Child, Samaritan’s Purse work alongside local churches in developing nations. They reach out to children by providing gift-filled shoeboxes. After receiving shoeboxes filled with gifts, children are also invited back to participate in The Greatest Journey – an evangelism and discipleship program. I would love to see the our school community embrace this project and see our students excited about helping others.

For very little cost and effort you can give a gift of joy and hope for a child in need. I encourage your family to get involved, If you can’t help out by packing a shoebox why not consider:

  • Donating something that can be packed into a box
  • Donating $10 (per box) for shipping charges
  • Being involved in upcoming fundraising events

Samaritan Purse Shoe boxes are available from the school office for you to fill and return. All donations will be thankfully received at the school office.

If you would like more information or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or visit:

Tim Burns

School Chaplain

“It’s a simple project and we ask families, as you pack a box, put that box in the middle of your living room and pray... I want the children of the world to know, I want their parents to know that God loves them; He hasn’t turned His back on them. Every shoebox gift is an opportunity to touch a child’s heart with the love of Jesus Christ.”

Franklin Graham, International President, Samaritan’s Purse

2018 Primary Music Festival - An Enormous Success

Congratulations to the students in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 who practiced diligently and performed admirably at the Albany Entertainment Centre last Thursday night.

Our first item was a play that required the excellent narrating skills of Grace Croston and Charli Sephton. Our star 'monk' was none other than Ronna Sloan who captured the spirit of a man wanting to write down his songs so that others could sing them - thus creating the music staff of notes, lines and spaces as we know them today. Jye Bond added the perfect amount of comic relief and the teamwork of the boys who stepped in time brilliantly is to be absolutely commended. Well done Josiah Burns, Josiah Felton, Archie Pegden, Dylan Bennet, Oliver Pens and Finn Morris. The next part of the act required the year 5/6 girls to animatedly hold up the props as we 'educated' the families of the solfa notes - a different way to learn how to sing. It takes a special courage to be up front and centre on stage. Well done to Elysha Baker, Angel Brooks, Tia Rose, Pamela Whiston, Janika Packard, Eva Giovanazzi and Emily Glas. Our rendition of Wacky Do Re Mi was lively and the choir sang together beautifully.

Our second item, an African Gospel song "Singabahambayo", was introduced wonderfully by Isaac Barrett-Lennard and Finn Morris, and was 2nd last in the program. We were all very tired as the noise in the waiting rooms was quite intense. Despite this we performed admirably. The year 5/6 class sang part 2 and held their harmony confidently under the guidance of our volunteer Wendy Rowlands. The Year 3/4 class sang the melody splendidly. A huge thank you to our percussionists Grace, Isaac and Angel on the shakers and cowbell. We also must praise the expert accompaniment of Peter Findlay on the piano and Tuarri Kuiti on the djembe which added colour and vibrancy to our performance.

The big finale was an experience of a lifetime for our students. Under the direction of Sue Findlay they sung with 500 other students a moving song called Sisi Ni Moja which speaks of the unity of humanity. From a Christian perspective we know this is true, God made us all and loves us all. We all cry, laugh, bruise and have fears; but we are one. This truly captures the heart of our school during the long day, practising, waiting, following instructions, performing and congratulating each other at the end of the night. I couldn't be prouder of the behaviour and attitude of the ACC students.

Thank you Mr Hummerston and Mrs Whiston for helping on the day and in the evening performance.

Lastly, I wish to thank and applaud the commitment of the parents and families leading up to and on the day. Without your support and encouragement to your children, events like these wouldn't be possible.

Mrs Shenfield - Primary Music Teacher

Rehearsal during the day

Year 8 School Immunisation Program

During term 4 year 8 students whose parents have given their consent will receive the second of the HPV immunisations. On this day ensure that your child has a good healthy breakfast and plenty of fluid to drink in order to reduce the risk of him/her fainting following immunisations.

Vaccinations like any medication may cause side effects most of these are mild reactions. The injection site may become red and swollen you can treat this by applying a cool damp cloth. Your child may experience some discomfort such as fever, headache or tiredness.For headache and discomfort, paracetamol may be given as directed on the manufacturer’s label.If fever persists, consult your doctor.Seek medical advice if your child experiences a reaction that you are concerned about.

As it has been a number of months since completion of consent forms we would like to give parents the opportunity to inform us of any change to details on the consent form.Do not send notes to school, please phone or email me, so I can make the changes immediately on your child’s form.

For further information please contact:

Sally Moir

Regional Coordinator School Based Immunisation Program

tel: 9842 7526

email: [email protected]


Below is a summary of an interesting article found by Mrs Holly Beeck which appeared in our school’s most recent Distance Education newsletter. The research was published in April by the Global Wellness Institute, who describe themselves as a ‘nonprofit organization with a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness’.

Based on a literature review of research worldwide, they have identified 6 main costs people and society are experiencing due to technology. They are:

  1. Sleep
  2. Inactivity, Obesity and Physiological Health
  3. Mental Wellness
  4. Social Relationships and Loneliness
  5. Distraction and Safety
  6. Productivity

The research around each of these is really interesting but I want to bring to your attention some more details on just two of these for you to think about in relation to your own use of technology and that of your children.

Sleep - the research suggested that sleep is impacted in three ways by technology. Firstly we are sleeping less, secondly the quality of our sleep is compromised and as a result of these two things, we are then experiencing daytime sleepiness as a result. There are potentially many and varied flow on effects to adults and children when their sleep is compromised.

Social Relationships and Loneliness - the article reports that several recent studies support the idea that increases in social media use are associated with greater feelings of loneliness and social isolation. It is fascinating and concerning that although people are more and more connected to others in the online world, it has been found that we are actually increasingly lonely in the real world. Just like sleep, there are quite a few potential flow on effects from people feeling lonely

The article goes on to suggest some questions and considerations leaders and parents need to be thinking about in terms of technology:

  • We are seeing what we “can” do with technology. The question remains around what we “should” do.
  • As relationships and social networks move online, we need to establish new norms and guidelines for how we relate and interact with one another.
  • How do we determine which types of content and technology use are good for us and which are bad?
  • What should we be teaching children about the healthy use of technology?