From the Principal

What a wonderful time we had at our Open Night. The student work on display was terrific and I loved the way the rooms were set out. One of the highlights for me was seeing our students in primary school getting excited as they visited the secondary school displays. I could see that many were starting to catch the vision for what they could be doing one day.

When we first had this idea of an Open Night we were thinking of a way to engage with people who didn’t know much about our school. It certainly did that, but it also grew into something much more and that was sharing the excitement of our learning journey across the school. It became more like a Festival of Learning. Whether it was the singing performances, dancing or the range of high quality student was most impressive. I especially want to thank staff and students for all the work they put in to make it such a special time.

Here is a link to some of the highlights of the night.

Simply click below to watch.

Year 12 farewell

In week two we had our final Year 12 assembly at the Living Water Anglican Church for the on campus students. Farewells are always a time of great significance and this year’s was no exception. Our year 12 students not only thanked the school but spoke with real conviction as to the life-changing impact our school and staff have had on them. We finished the day with a Year 12 dinner that night with staff and parents and, again it was a wonderful time. An extract from the powerful speech Mrs Baker gave at the final assembly can be found later in this newsletter.

We will be celebrating with our DE Year 12 students at a farewell lunch held in Perth on the 9th November. We are looking forward to hearing all about their “online” stories from the past few years.

ACC Principal Summit

Last week I attended our ACC Principal Summit at our Singleton school site in the Hunter Valley in NSW. It was a really good time for connecting with the heads of our nine schools and to hear the passion and vision of our corporate team whose head office is in Erina NSW. Our school used to be one of the smallest schools in the ACC group but as our student numbers have now grown to over 500 (on campus and DE) and so we find ourselves one of the top three schools.

End of Year Presentation Events

Please check your calendars as we did have to change the date of our secondary event. These are key events in the life of our school as they allow us to celebrate together the achievements of the year and to publicly thank God for his continued goodness to us.

  1. On Campus Secondary Presentation ceremony: This is now on Tuesday night on 27th November at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start and will be held at the Living Water Anglican Church.
  2. On Campus Primary Presentation ceremony: This is on Wednesday 28th November at 1.00pm for a 1.15pm start and will be held at the Living Water Anglican Church.
  3. Distance Education Presentation ceremony: This is on Friday 30th November at 1.45pm for a 2.00pm start and will be held at The Rise, 28 Eighth Ave, Maylands. Please note that this is a different venue to last time.

Please note that the final day for on campus students is on Wednesday 5th December.

New ACC Sports Uniform

During the past 12 months our corporate team has been working with a specialist school uniform company to custom design a new ACC sports uniform which is affordable yet durable. The new sports uniform will keep your children warm in winter and cool in summer. The new sports uniform is now available and the old sports uniform is no longer available for sale. 2019 is the transition year when some students will be wearing the new sports uniform and some the old. It would be good to have all our students wearing the new sports uniform by 2020. If you have any questions please feel free to email the School Office.

Changes to secondary girls winter uniform

Last week at the Principal Summit I it was also announced that the winter tunic for girls (Years 7 -12) will be replaced with a skirt. The skirt will be available for winter 2019.  

Outstanding Student Achievements

Lisa Quartermain from the West Australian newspaper advised this week that Ebony Barker (Year 6) has won a major photographic prize in their newspaper’s annual ED! Chevron Focus Environment competition. Ebony won five categories including the prestigious Harry Butler Award. As the competition is sponsored by Chevron, the prize money was significant: $1300 for Ebony – and $2750 prize money for our school.

What an outstanding achievement for Ebony who has had a great year at our school. Ebony is a passionate distance runner and photographer who just loves the outdoors. What makes this award so special, is that Ebony is also using this as part of her entry into the Year 6 class Exhibition Program of Inspiration. As we advised earlier this year, this is a new initiative of our school and is part of our ACC Exhibition Project program.

The ACC Exhibition Project is aimed at inspiring all students in years 6 and 9 so that each student is given the opportunity of achieving the satisfaction of learning about an area of their own passion, increasing their skills in something they love and being able to present it to others. The Exhibition program therefore, creates linkages to their standard curriculum and provides an opportunity for exhibition and celebration of their work. In this way, learning and creativity can become inspirational, a shared experience, and relate to other areas of life. This is our first year in doing this and so this award gained by Ebony will be an encouragement to all the other students as well. This form of student driven research can be a great motivator for our students in their future studies and so we are delighted for Ebony who has again proved that learning can be inspirational.

As part of Year 6 Grace Croston’s Exhibition Program of Inspiration she wrote a short story which she also entered into the Write 4 Fun National competition. There were over 9 000 entries in this competition and Grace has just been informed that she came 9th. Grace’s story was entitled “Day of Departure” and is about the plight of a refugee. Again, what an outstanding achievement.

Year 9 Principal’s Exhibition:

This week our year 9 students gave a public presentation of their research projects. They explained what their project was about, why they were inspired by it and the various methods of their research. Each student has also produced their own web site with all the various aspects of their project on it. Examples of the student research included:

  • From online research and personal interviews, a student developed his knowledge on medical innovation as a result of WW1. He then wrote a romantic story based on his research.
  • Another student explored the way music is used in video games and movies and even performed some piano performances to demonstrate what he had discovered.
  • A student Investigated bariatric surgery and produced an information booklet for people choosing to undergo this operation.
  • What is life like and what are the real employment opportunities in the theatre and performing arts world? Those questions were the basis of oral interviews and a report written by a student.
  • Another student developed a children’s picture book based on her research of aboriginal astronomy.

I just mentioned these few projects as a way of demonstrating the wide variety of topics and the varying methods chosen by our students. These projects were all on display at the Open Night.

Finally, I would like to thank parents for the incredible support we have received over recent months. The Quiz Night this Saturday night at LWAC is further testimony to the enthusiasm and commitment of so many people. My prayer is that we will continue to see God at work in our school and that we will make time to thank him for all He has done.

R. Malcolm Bromhead

Events coming up this term

  • Week 5: Friday 9/11: Albany Show Day - Student free day
  • Week 8: Tuesday 27/11: Presentation Night for secondary students: N.B change of date so our students going to Cambodia can attend
  • Week 8: Wednesday 28/11: Presentation Day for primary students
  • Week 8: Friday 30/11: Presentation Day for DE Students
  • Week 9: Wednesday 5/12: Students’ last day at school.

Speech given at Year 12 final assembly by Mrs Baker

To the graduating class of 2018. You are standing here as the product of more than twelve years of formal schooling, delivered in one of the most affluent countries in the world. Even before you take another step on your educational journey; whether this be university, Tafe or the completion of workplace training, you are among the most highly educated young people on the planet. And this gives you power.

  • You are empowered thinkers.
  • You are empowered communicators.
  • And you are learning to be empowered collaborators.

And, in the wise words of Peter Parker’s uncle from the film Spiderman, with this power comes great responsibility. You have a responsibility to yourself, to your families and loved ones, to your community and to your world, to live a life that takes hold of the opportunities that have opened to you as a result of this education, and to use these opportunities to do good.

So today, on behalf of your teachers, I have five key nuggets of wisdom to guide you as you learn to balance this new power with your new responsibilities.

  • Nugget number one - Remember that God loves you. You are the unique creation of an almighty God. He sees your heart, he sees your good and your bad actions, and he loves you unconditionally. The only thing that really matters in your whole entire life is that you learn to love your creator and to become more like Him.
  • Nugget number two -  Accept that God has a plan and a purpose for you, and that this is a good plan. It is no coincidence that you have lived in a country that values education and it is no accident that you are standing here today as graduates of Australian Christian College. You are a privileged few - you are not better than those who have not had the same opportunities as you have enjoyed, but you do have a responsibility to use this invaluable gift of education that you now possess. You are destined for good, and to have a future that is filled with hope. Embrace this future.
  • Nugget number three - Believe in yourself. Your teachers here at ACC have seen something incredibly special in each and every one of you. Our prayer is that you will believe in your own capacity to learn, that you will recognise the value of your own ideas, and the difference that your thoughts, words or actions can make. Don’t ever be afraid to speak out with love and kindness and to make your voices heard.
  • Nugget number four - Don’t ever stop learning. Aim to become wise, for with wisdom comes blessing. You can spend a lifetime learning, yet still find joy in uncovering new or deeper understandings.
  • Nugget number five - Say yes. Say yes to new and enriching experiences. Say yes to positive relationships. Become young people who are determined to live their lives by jumping in with both feet and grasping with both hands. This may involve some risk, it may involve some discomfort, and it may even be hard. Trust in your ability to discern what is good, and when you find it, say yes.

To our graduating Year 12s, we thank you for your contributions to our school, and our prayers are with you.

Distance Education

Presentation Ceremony

The invitation for our Presentation Ceremony has been emailed to all parents and guardians. Spaces are limited to 250 so please respond as soon as possible. Students attending this ceremony will be receiving their School Reports and any special Awards and Prizes.


Friday, 30 November 2018


2pm - 4pm


The Rise, 28 Eighth Ave, Maylands




Please reply by Monday, 26 November 2018

Via the link RSVP for 2018 DE Presentation Ceremony


The Canvas training was excellent and we are looking forward to using this Learning Managements System next year. You will be kept up-to-date with training videos at the beginning of the school year in Term 1 next year.


Addison Hargrave entered the Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition which was commendable. Well done, Addison, it is great to see how creative you are.

Shuan Hern Lee continues to play the piano at an exceptional level. After winning first prize at the Keri Keri International Piano Competition (Age 28 and under) in New Zealand. He returned to WA and entered the Waveney Wansbrough Memorial Prize for Music of the University of Western Australia. He won first prize with his performance of Prokofiev Piano Sonata No. 7 (1st movt). Congratulations, Shuan, you continue to amaze us!

Thomas McHugh recently participated in the Invictus Games held in Sydney and his team played in the wheelchair basketball events. Rubbing shoulders with the Royals! Thomas has also been offered a 3 to 5 year full scholarship to Alabama College USA. Thomas pushing to get into the team for the Japan 2020 Olympics. We wish you all the very best in training for this, Thomas.

(Royals on the left and Thomas on the far right!)

Mrs Terry Phipson

 Community Notices