Welcome back to our 2019 school year. I do hope you have all had a good break and are now recharged and ready for what this year will hold for us. For our oncampus students, having the staggered start on Monday for primary school seemed to work really well as well as the information sessions for secondary school. This year was an experiment in trying to maximise our time for meeting with parents whilst at the same time not choking up the start of the year with lots of evening meetings. If any parents have any suggestions as to how we can improve, please let me know.

I also want to welcome our online distance education families (ODE) for 2019. It has been most exciting to see the number of new students who have joined us this year. I know that Mrs Phipson has a great team of teachers ready for the start of your learning and so I wish you all the best. We have been greatly encouraged recently by a number of letters of thanks coming in from ODE students who have left our program. I have loved reading about how our school has helped them overcome many obstacles in life and so I wish them all the best for the future.

New Buildings

This week I have been in touch with our council and our Bushfire consultant who is doing the bushfire management plan as part of our DA for the four new modular buildings going in. I have been assured that our DA is progressing well and that we should have the new buildings on site this term. This bushfire management plan will also be used as part of our application later this year for our new secondary double storey building we are wanting to commence. This is all good news for our future.

During the holidays we have also had new 75 inch screens and Apple TVs installed in all the classrooms. This is a wonderful step forward for us and will further improve the flexibility of our teaching and learning.

New Staff & Farewells

I also want to welcome our new on campus staff for this year.

  • Mr Paul Gandini comes to us from ACC Moreton in Qld and he will be our coordinator of the Junior Secondary School (years 7-9). Mr Gandini comes with a wealth of experience and we are looking forward to his contribution in our school.
  • Miss Amy Kirkness has moved down from Perth to be our new Pre-Primary and Kindy teacher this year. Miss Kirkness was attracted to the vision of our school and we are already enjoying her enthusiasm in the classroom. Having Miss Kirkness on our team has made possible a change of arrangements for Mrs Brenda Nelson so that she can move back to the Online Distance Education (ODE) program.
  • Mr Peter Findlay will be with us for three days a week as our music teacher. Mr Findlay is well known amongst the music fraternity in Albany and we are looking forward to the new expanded direction we will be taking in music.
  • Farewells: During the holiday period we also received notices of resignation by two staff who have made an outstanding contribution to the life of our college and so it has been sad to see them leave.  Claire Bromhead who had been our special needs teacher in Primary school has moved to Perth and Mrs Jacqui Croston has resigned from her administration position. The school wishes them all of God’s richest blessings for their future.

Sub School Coordinators

As part of the continued growth of our school we have now reached the point where we need a more formal executive structure. If you have any questions they would be most willing to talk to you.  Our executive team for 2019 will be:

  • Mrs Power coordinator for Primary School
  • Mr Gandini coordinator for JSS (years 7-9)
  • Mrs Baker coordinator for SS  (years 10-12)
  • Mr Poole as our Education systems coordinator
  • Mrs Phipson who is Head of ODE
  • Mrs Gill for Administration

Over the holidays I’ve taken the time to read a number of books and one book that has really inspired me is Brene Brown’s “Dare To Lead”. Over the next term I know you will hear plenty of ‘gems’ from the book in our newsletters. There was a quote that really had me thinking about how progressive our work within our school is: “In the past jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in the future they’ll be about the heart.” Minouche Shafik, Director London School of Economics. What struck me was that our school is already working in the future. The vision we are working towards at school is all about heart, about the relationships we build, the ways in which we care enough to challenge students and passion with which we encourage them academically. It is because we all work from the heart, that being a team is so essential. A team supports, carries and champions others and that was why I was so pleased to be able to introduce our staff team to parents at our welcome bar-b-q occasion this week.

2019 Staff and Sub School Teams

It is with a sense of incredible thankfulness that I can introduce our teams for this year:

Primary School

Rachel Power: Head of Primary

Carryn Lagesse

Amy Kirkness

JD Hummerston

Liam Bottomley (EA)

Lisa Martin (EA)

Peter Findlay (3 days)

Bronwyn Pitman (1 day)

Christina Van As (EA)

Junior Secondary School

Paul Gandini: Head of Jnr Secondary (+ODE)

Michelle Dragan

Daniel Pitman (+ODE)

Aneen Lamble

Tim Burns (0.6)

Di Downing

Caleb Castlehow (3 days)

Elisa Pitavanik (2 days)

Senior Secondary School

Jade Baker: Head of Snr Secondary (+ODE)

Michael Poole

Naomi MacGregor (+ODE)

WingKuen Wee (+ODE)

Andy Sephton (4 days)

Administration and support

Barbara Gill: Head of Administration

Lisa Maxwell

Kelly Sephton (4 days)

Graeme Pederick


Damon Sokolowski (1 day)

OnlineDE on Campus

Terry Phipson: Head of OnlineDE

Tina King

Bronwyn Jansz

Susan Whiston

Loretta Upton (2 days)

Brenda Nelson (+ 1 Primary OC class)

Holly Beeck (1 day)

Peter Milnes (2 days)

Bethany Kuhn (1 day)

Louise Shenfield

Marilyn Myhill (4 days)

Russell Hunt (2 days) + photography OC            

OnlineDE off campus

Kathryn Rossair (1 day) Bunbury,

Chris Van der Merwe: F/T Perth

Stephen Hurworth (1.5 days) Perth

Mikael Sandlund: F/T Perth

Heather Munro (3 days) Perth

Meredith Aguero (3 days) Perth

Shevaun Sandlund (1 day) Perth, EA

Jill Staats (1 day) Perth, EA

Camps and Trips:

As part of our commitment to teaching to the whole child and to provide wider experiences for our students to be able to grow in all areas of their lives, we have developed the following timetable. Details re costs and what to bring etc will be provided but it is exciting to be able to show the full scope of what our school will be doing this year.



Name of camp

Key Leaders

T1: Week 3

Year 11-12

Leadership Camp

Jade Baker

Andy Sephton

T1 Week 2

Year 7

Discovery Camp

Michelle Dragan

Paul Gandini

T1 Week 8

Year 5-6

Growth Camp

JD Hummerston

Rachel Power

T2 Week 7

Years 10-12

Perth Futures Camp

Wing Kuen

Jade Baker

T3 Week 1

Year 9

City Explorer Camp

Aneen Lamble

Paul Gandini

Di Downing

T3 Week 6

Year 7

Canberra Trip

Aneen Lamble

Paul Gandini

T3 Week 6

Year 8

Adventure Camp

Daniel Pitman

Andy Sephton/MP

T4 Week 10

Year 11


Jade Baker


Year 9-10


Information nights to be held later this term.

Thought for reflection

During the holidays I also read Tim Keller’s Making Sense of God, an Invitation to the Skeptical. In one section he talks about the fact that everyone seems to have an opinion about Jesus but very few have taken the time to actually read about him. Tim points out that what readers have discovered across the centuries has been quite remarkable.

“Jesus combines high majesty with the greatest of humility, he joins the strongest commitment to justice with astonishing mercy and grace, and he revealsa transcendentself-sufficiency and yet entire trust in and reliance upon his heavenly Father. We are surprised to see tenderness without any weakness, boldness without harshness, humility without any uncertainty, indeed, accompanied bya toweringconfidence...his insistence on truth but always bathed in love, his power without sensitivity, integrity without rigidity, and passion without prejudice.”

And, this is the life that Jesus offers us today. What a wonderful gift!

R. Malcolm Bromhead

Pedal Prix Series

This year our Year 9 & 10 Design and Technology students have an exciting opportunity to be involved in the national Pedal Prix Series event being held in Busselton on 18th August. Our students will compete as a team on a closed circuit to complete as many laps as possible over a six hour period. In this event riders change every 20-30 minutes. Our students will be involved in designing parts of our trike and building another trike. Mr Daniel Pitman is heading up this project and so if this challenge excites you, please feel free to contact Daniel and I am sure that there will be ways you can be involved too. For more details on this event go to: 

ACC Online Distance Education (ODE)

We have had an amazing start to the year. Well done to all the families who have managed to successfully navigate around our new Learning Management System (LMS) so far. It has been a huge undertaking to get all our returning students and new students to complete their Orientation. The transition to Canvas, our new LMS, is ongoing and the feedback we have received has been very positive. Lessons all start next week.

Welcome to all our new families. I hope you settle into a routine quickly and enjoy the online learning experience.

I am looking forward with anticipation to a very successful school year. We have an amazing Online DE team and I hope all our students will enjoy their online learning journey.

I have a number of new Online DE staff members to introduce to you although mentioned above these are their roles.

Online Distance Education

Terry Phipson: Head of ODE

Barbara Gill - Head of Administration

Tina King -  Learning Support Coordinator

Wing Kuen Wee - Year 11 & 12 General Coordinator

Naomi MacGregor - WACE, ATAR, OLNA & NAPLAN Coordinator          


Tina King - LS Coordinator

Holly Beeck

Shevaun Sandlund

Jill Staats

Kathryn Rossair


Bronwyn Jansz - Years 5 & 6

Susan Whiston - Years 3 & 4

Loretta Upton (2 days) - PP - Year 2

Mikael Sandlund

SECONDARY  (Years 7 - 10)

Chris Van der Merwe: Maths 7 - 10, Science Yr 7 & 9

Stephen Hurworth: HASS Yr 10

Mikael Sandlund: HASS Yr 9

Heather Munro: Hass Yrs 7 & 8, English Yr 8

Louise Shenfield: The Arts Yrs 7 & 8, Christian Studies Yrs 7 & 8

Marilyn Myhill: English Yrs 7, 9, 10

Russell Hunt: Science Yrs 8 & 10

Brenda Nelson: HPE Yrs 9, 10, Commerce: 9, 10, Christian Studies Yrs 9 & 10

Paul Gandini: HPE Yrs 7 & 8

Daniel Pitman: Technologies Yrs 7 - 10


Wing Kuen Wee: Human Biology

Naomi MacGregor: Mathematics

Marilyn Myhill: English

Bethany Kuhn: Accounting and Finance

Peter Milnes: Politics & Law, Health, & Psychology

Meredith Aguero: Religion & Life, Children, Family & Communities

Jade Baker: English ATAR

Stephen Hurworth: Modern History

All the best for this coming term.

God bless

Mrs Terry Phipson

ACC Southlands P & F Association

The P&F (Parents & Friends) association is a group of dedicated parent and staff volunteers who contribute to the school community through fundraising for important school events, clubs, and for the purchase of school resources.

The association meets each month to discuss upcoming fundraisers, school events and possible school resource purchases. If you would like to be a part of the P&F please come along to our next meeting, or ask for more information from one of it’s members.

Our next meeting will be the AGM and is on Thursday 21st January -  6.30pm, at the school.

One of the easiest ways to help support the P&F is with our Friday Sausage Sizzles. Please click on the below link for more information and to sign up to help.

P & F Association Members:

Barbara Gill - President

Michelle Dragan - Secretary

Kelly Sephton - Treasurer

Year 7 and 8 School Vaccination Program

The 2019 WA School Based Immunisation Program will be offered at your school by the local community school health immunisation nurses.

These vaccinations are offered free to all year 7 and  8 students.

  • A 2 dose course of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine to be given in    terms 1 and 4
  • One dose of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine (whooping cough) given in term 1

These vaccines will be offered over 2 visits. Vaccination consent forms will be sent home with students early in term 1 2019.  Parents/legal guardians are asked to complete and sign the forms and return them to the school. Even if you are not consenting to your child receiving the vaccines, please return the form.

If you do not receive a vaccination consent form for your child, please ask at the school office for one.

Please return all immunisation forms to school as soon as possible for checking.

If you have any queries regarding the immunisation program please contact me on 9842 7526.

If your child is not vaccinated at school they can come to our immunisation clinic at the Albany Health Campus.  No cost is involved.  Phone 9892 2499 for an appointment.

For parent and teen HPV information please follow this link

Sally Moir| School Nurse | Immunisation

WA Country Health Service - Great Southern

T: 08 9842 7526

E: [email protected]

Delivering a Healthy WA

Community Notices