Choosing the right school for your children is an important decision. There are a number of issues to consider with each family having its own particular needs.

How do you know if Australian Christian College is the right school for your child and family? That is a question only you can answer, however the following information may help you appreciate what makes Australian Christian College a great school:

Each child is nurtured as a unique individual

Why ACC? | Boy student with soccer ball

We believe each student is uniquely crafted in the image of our creator God, as such we treat students with care and respect.

Focus on the ‘whole child’

Australian Christian College is dedicated to educating the ‘whole child’ – spiritually, academically, socially and physically. This holistic focus equips students for future service to God and others.

Approachable and dedicated teachers

The quality of the teachers reflects the quality of education being delivered. At Australian Christian College we are blessed to have approachable and dedicated teachers who are focused on nurturing the ‘whole child’. We invest time and resources into continuing to develop the skills of our teachers to ensure that they are delivering the very best teaching to your children.

Inquiry based learning

At Australian Christian College we believe that all truth is open to human enquiry. As such, we are nurturing inquiry based learners who seek answers, research thoroughly, create alternatives, challenge assumptions, think deeply and test theories.

K-12 continuous schooling

As a school that offers Kindergarten to Year 12, our students can remain with us throughout their schooling years. This avoids disruption to their academic progress and allows friendships to mature.

Co-educational environment

We educate boys and girls together. This allows students to develop appropriate social skills and enables parents to send their sons and daughters to the same school.

Caring Christian community

In an attempt to mirror Christ’s love for us, we place enormous value on each student at the school. This care extends from the Principal and teachers, to every student at Australian Christian College. Here, students are happy because the culture is positive.

Flexible options

The school provides students with two schooling mode options – on campus or distance education.

Embracing tomorrow’s technology

Australian Christian College is on the cutting-edge of using technology in education. The school has a commitment to seeing all students, from Kindergarten to Year 12, having their own mobile device (i.e. an iPad or MacBook), which they use in most classes. The learning environment is conducive to digital connectivity with wifi broadband access in every learning space.

Scenic campus

The school campus is conveniently located less than four kilometres northeast from the centre of Albany in Collingwood Heights, on a spacious 12 acre property overlooking a beautiful scenic landscape. The facilities are set within a natural amphitheatre that supports a strong sense of community.

National network of schools

Australian Christian College Southlands is part of a national network of schools. This structure allows for professional collaboration and networking amongst staff on a national scale.

Welcoming community

Upon joining Australian Christian College, your family becomes part of a vibrant community in which you will always find a friendly welcome and warm smile.